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Senior Consultant 

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Russell Stagg is a fully licensed Appointed Reprsentative of IPP Financial Adviser Pte Ltd, one of the largest independent financial services companies in Asia -

UK born, Singapore based Russell Stagg has an extensive background in Financial Services. Originally from the United Kingdom, Russell has lived and worked in London, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Jakarta, and Singapore.

In his spare time, Russell is an avid golfer (Vice Captain of Golf Club: Cowdray Park UK)
and also enjoys currency trading and writing code. He is also an Ambassador for InterNations in Singapore.

Russell is a Senior consultant with The Expat Advisory Group at IPP.  With 25 years of experience in the Financial Services industry he has a strong history working with a range of clients which, includes high net worth private investors in South East Asia.

His main focus is to create financial freedom during your stay in Singapore. Russell has access to multiple local and globally portable financial solutions whether it is life & health insurance, savings plans, retirement plans, education fee saving plans or CPF reinvestment. It's simply easier to have everything managed by one person and know that you can take it with you anywhere in the world?

His method: To use a mix of non-correlated funds and asset classes to reduce the volatility of your portfolio and generate consistent returns. Outperformance is NOT a given but his portfolios are consistently less volatile.

Philosophy: “One must understand that you have to have a structured disciplined approach to generate solid returns. Its called Financial Behavioural Alpha, and relies on altering the clients investment lense.”

Want to review your Pension? No problem, Russell is highly knowledgeable in UK, EU and Australian tax laws.
He takes pride in recommending tax-efficient and globally portable solutions that are tailored to each individual’s needs and wants, so you know you’re receiving only the best analysis from him.

For a free consultation please feel free to contact me!

  • Alternative Investments

  • Stocks, Bonds & Structured Products

  • ETFs

  • Retirement Planning

  • University and School Fee Planning

  • Life Insurance

  • Health Insurance

  • Australian Tax Planning Solutions


MAS Appointed Representative No. SRD300298805


Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services Singapore – Singapore College of Insurance:

M5 – Rules & Regulations for Financial Advisory Services

M8 – Collective Investment Schemes

M8a – Collective Investment Schemes II

M9 – Life Insurance & Investment-linked Policies

M9a – Life Insurance & Investment-linked Policies II

HI – Health Insurance


Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services Singapore – The Institute of Banking & Finance Singapore:

M6 – Securities Products & Analysis

M6a – Securities & Futures Product Knowledge

​Bsc (Hons) Geography - University of Hull


Senior Consultant, Expat Advisory Group (Singapore)


IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

2015 - Present


Foreign Exchange Trader


Forex Trading Room 

2007 - 2012

United Kingdom

Managing Director


ProEx International Ltd.

2000 - 2006

Amsterdam, Netherlands 

Managing Director

ProEx International Ltd.

1999 - 2000

Tokyo, Japan

Area Manager


Brititex International

1997 - 1999

Jakarta, Indonesia 


"Russell has partnered me in my quest to take over the world, one investment at a time and has been nothing but professional and courteous in doing so. His advice and knowledge have been second to none and he isn't afraid of being honest in his judgment of both situations and expectations. Ultimately from my experience Russell has always done what is in the best interests of the client and firmly believes in developing and delivering in the right manner. I can firmly recommend Russell for anyone looking to build for their future."

- Brody Walker, Vice President Group Excellence - United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB)

"Russell is a professional with tons of experience in the insurance industry. He is kind and helpful and is there when you need him. He keeps his promises. I can sincerely recommend him."

- Peter Looman, Solution Architect - Verizon Enterprise Solutions 

"Russell has been my IFA for a couple of years now and is handling a steadily growing portfolio of financial products for me. I have the highest level of confidence in Russell's ability to understand my needs and recommend products that are most suitable for me. His style is transparent, honest and approachable. I never feel like my consultation sessions with Russell are rushed, and there is never an element of "hard sell" attached to any solutions he might recommend. If you are considering consulting an advisor for the first time, or switching to a new one, I would not hesitate in recommending Russell."

- Rob Davidson, Global Sourcing Manager - Standard Chartered Bank 


Is your Defined Benefit scheme safe? A review provided by the UK Government

Sometimes the life of a financial adviser is very dry. The recent release of the Green Paper on the Security and Sustainability in Defined Benefit Schemes provides one such example but lets take a closer look. As a maverick I view all things with the view of an analyst plus a healthy dose of skepticism and a quick wink to 1984.


Is your Defined Benefit scheme safe? A review provided by the UK Government

Speeding fines irritate me. There are plenty of other dangerous drivers who get away with lethal behaviour. But speeding is easy to measure, dangerous driving less so. What’s this got to do with investment? Well, it illustrates a problem with financial advisers because, like the police, they can focus too much on what they can measure. In reports to clients, emphasis is placed on how much money the client has made. But this, surprisingly, is not what you’re paying an adviser for...