Elena Tsvetkova

Financial Consultant 

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78 Shenton Way #06-01 Singapore 079120


Elena is a licensed financial consultant and has a history of working in financial services with numerous nationalities, giving her the expertise needed to navigate various international markets and multi-currency investment products. Being born and raised in Singapore she is also very familiar with the local market and how to optimize one’s portfolio through investing whilst living in Singapore. Prior to her time as a consultant, she was part of the marketing team at IPP Financial Advisers which, equipped her with in-depth product knowledge across all areas of financial planning and insurance needed to be an unbiassed financial consultant. 


Adjacent to her current role, she heads up Corporate Social Responsibility at the Expat Advisory Group. In 2017, she wrote the CSR policy which states, “We aim to improve the lives of current and future generations by changing our daily habits and organizing more charitable activities that will improve the lives of others and the environment.” This policy also translates into her financial planning philosophy where she aims to improve the lives of current and future generation by providing them with the necessary financial advice throughout their various life stages. She also strongly believes in using investing as a tool to not only just improve the lives of her clients but also the world. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures that further deepens her knowledge of the global community.  

  • Multi-Currency Wealth Management

  • Retirement Planning 

  • University and school fee planning 

  • CPF Investments

  • Life Insurance

  • Legacy & Estate Planning

  • UK Tax Planning Solution

  • Australian Tax Planning Solutions


MAS Appointed Representative No. ET-300574361


Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services Singapore – Singapore College of Insurance:

M5 – Rules & Regulations for Financial Advisory Services

M8 – Collective Investment Schemes

M8a – Collective Investment Schemes II

M9 – Life Insurance & Investment-linked Policies

M9a – Life Insurance & Investment-linked Policies II

HI – Health Insurance


Bachelor of Science (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality Management 

Awarded First Class Honours  - University of Sunderland, UK


Financial Consultant, Expat Advisory Group (Singapore)


IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

2021 - Present


Marketing Manager, Expat Advisory Group (Singapore)


IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

2017 - 2021


Business Development Manager, Expat Advisory Group (Singapore)


IPP Financial Advisers Pte Ltd

2016 - 2017



"Working with Elena was an absolute pleasure, she assisted me with investment and tax planning - very knowlegeable of local products/services to maximise benefits. Elena was transparent in all the dealings encouraging me to consider alternatives to her portfolio recommendations. After sales customer service is outstanding. Elena was also very patient in assisting and guiding my daughter through her first insurance and investment purchases. Highly recommend her prefessionalisn, product knowledge and support."

- Peter Drube - Principal Technical Consultant, Principal Consultant - Global Financial Services APJC, Amazon Web Services

"Elena was transparent and helpful when recommending investment products suited to my needs as an expat. Overall I am very happy with the result, and how she helped me navigate the complexities of international investment."

- Ben Wright - Principal Technical Consultant, Aptitude Software

"Elena was a big help when it came to  introducing the world of investing to my husband and I. She was extremely patient with us and made sure we understood everything before we made any decisions. I am very glad that I finally started investing our money with her help as we were always very reluctant to start anything!"

- Lyubov Porfiryeva- Homemaker 

"I’ve worked with Elena for four years now and asked her for help with my retirement planning recently. She did a great job increating a sustainable plan that I can comfortably contribute to whilst benefiting from good returns. Thank you for helping me!"

- Agata Osinska - Business Development Manager, IPP

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